Rams Trade For Brandin Cooks

Rams Trade for Brandin Cooks

Tuesday it was announced of the Los Angeles Rams trade for Brandin Cooks from the Patriots. In exchange they will be sending their first round pick (23rd overall) and a 6th round pick to New England. The Rams will also be receiving a 4th round pick as part of this deal.

For the Rams they get an explosive speedster who can really take an already potent offense to the next level. Now defenses will have to think twice about bringing an eighth man into the box to try to stop Todd Gurley. If they do sell out to stop the run, Cooks can take any oass to the house for a long touchdown. This addition will go a long way to help quarterback Jared Goff as he enters his third year.

This is just the latest of several splash moves the Rams have made this offseason. They’ve also traded for pro bowl corners Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters as well as signing Ndomakong Suh. These moves send a clear message to the rest of the league; the Rams are going to be contenders this year.

For the Patriots, this moves makes sense as well. Despite trading a first round pick for Cooks last offseason and seeing him put up over 1,000 yards and seven touchdown the team was comfortable parting ways with him. With Cooks entering the last year of his deal they were willing to move on from him after just the one year to get young controllable assets. This seems to be an indication that New England may be gearing up for a rebuild in the near future.

Frankly, the Patriots are old. Tom Brady will be 41 this year. Rob Gronkowski is will be twenty nine and has had a long history of injuries. The run with this group of stars will be over sooner rather than later. That means New England has to restock their talent now and start preparing for the next wave of young players. This is just the first step for a team who will try to rebuild while at the same time still try to maintain their dominance over the rest of the AFC.

Overall, both teams get what they’re looking for. The Rams add to their arsenal in an attempt to win now and the Pats get pucks to make sure they’re ready for the future. While L.A. certainly paid a very high price for a guy in an expiring contract, I’d say both teams got a pretty good deal. If I were to grade this deal I would give the Patriots an A and the Rams a solid B.

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