Week 10 Reverse NFL Power Rankings

We are officially halfway through the year. We now have a good idea of who each team really is, as opposed to who we thought they were coming into the year. This also means we have a decent idea of how the draft order will likely shape up come the end of the season.

While the Reverse NFL Power ranking isn’t a playoff predictor or a draft order, it does project how teams could end up. If I am ranking the teams right now on how I believe they will finish the year in the standings, it would look like this.

Week 10 Reverse NFL Power Rankings

32) New Orleans Saints

31) New England Patriots

30) Kansas City Chiefs

29) Seattle Seahawks

28) Green Bay Packers

27) San Fransisco 49ers

26) Dallas Cowboys

25) Buffalo Bills

24) Baltimore Ravens

23) Houston Texans

22) Minnesota Vikings

21) Philadelphia Eagles

20) Carolina Panthers

19) Los Angeles Rams

18) Indianapolis Colts

17) Oakland Raiders

16) Pittsburgh Steelers

15) Tennessee Titans

14) Los Angeles Chargers

13) Detroit Lions

12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11) Arizona Cardinals

10) Jacksonville Jaguars

9) Denver Broncos

8) Cleveland Browns

7) Atlanta Falcons

6) Chicago Bears

5) New York Giants

4) Washington Redskins

3) New Yorks Jets

2) Cincinnati Bengals

1) Miami Dolphins

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