Sam Beal Supplemental Draft latest addition

With the 2018 Supplemental Draft nearing we have yet another name added to the list in Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal. Here we will take a look at Beal’s traits and try to project the Sam Beal Supplemental Draft projection.

Who is Sam Beal?

Playing the right cornerback position Sam Beal mainly lines up in press coverage using his length to engaged with receivers attempting to disrupt their routes. Beal also uses his quickness to flip his hips to run deep with receivers while in off man coverage he used that quickness to react to the receiver to cover them up. Not only can Beal stick with receivers but he’s also able to play the ball well in the air. Showing the ability to track the ball in the air but he times his jumps right and is able to get his hand in to jar the ball loose from defenders.

Against the run in a concern for Beal as he doesn’t put a ton of effort into coming up to make tackles, will take bad angles and struggles to wrap up or grab a hold of the ball carrier often leading to big gains and even a few touchdowns.

Sam Beal Supplemental Draft Projection

According to ESPN’s Adam Shefter and even Rotoworld’s Thor Nystrom they feel that Beal will go high in the Supplemental Draft pick predicting him to go in the 2nd round. If you are not familiar with the Supplemental Draft rules, if a team does claim Beal in the 2nd round they will forfeit a second round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Players are typically drafted a round or two lower than they normally would because teams don’t like giving up picks in the upcoming draft. So if Beal does go in the second round, then teams may be saying that he could have been a first round pick if he was able to stay in school.

Personally Beal has a lot of traits that would make him a desirable cornerback prospect including his height (6’1) and his movement skills. However Beal is far from a lock down corner, often with his technique leaving openings on shorter throws mainly slant routes wide open. While corners are paid to cover and not stop the run, Beal is a liability on the outside allowing big plays. There is a lot of potential with him, but he still has much development to go. More connected people feel that he will go higher, but my gut feels that he’ll be selected in the 3rd or 4th round of the supplemental draft.

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