College Football Scouting Guide

College Football Scouting Guide | Championship Weekend

November 30, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

The regular season is over and now we are on to Championship Week. This is where it gets even more exciting as we get to see plenty of good games with a lot on the line, but more importantly to us we get to see some new prospect match ups or prospects playing against better…

Tyree Jackson | Can he Buck the Trend on Tall QBs?

July 16, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

When we think of height being a factor for NFL quarterbacks we tend to loo towards the shorter quarterbacks. And while guys like Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and even Baker Mayfield going number one overall, that worry may be a little overblown. But the opposite end of the spectrum may be the bigger issue as…

Anthony Johnson Scouting Report Video | Summer

May 31, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

On this episode of the NFL Draft Geek Film Room takes a look at Buffalo Bulls wide receiver giving a video Anthony Johnson Scouting Report. Watch as Brian Johannes highlights what Johnson does well and why Johnson could make an immediate impact whenever he enters the NFL Draft. Anthony Johnson Scouting Report Video