NFL Mock Draft

Final 2019 NFL Mock Draft | Olsen

April 24, 2019 JT Olson 0

We have finally made it the NFL Draft! The draft is hours away. And between free agency and prospect workouts all but behind us some things are starting to take shape. However, it seems like most big draft decisions are still unknown. There are many guys we link to teams, but so much of this…

Mock Draft

2019 Collaborative NFL Mock Draft

January 29, 2019 Brian Johannes 3

The Mock Draft is the stable of the NFL Draft Process and here at NFL Draft Geek that is our calling card providing you with some of the most accurate mock drafts in the entire industry. While we've had several different mock drafts by each of our analysts, we decided to come together to do…

Final 2018 NFL Mock Draft

April 26, 2018 Brian Johannes 23

It is officially Draft Day and that means it's every Draftnik's Christmas Day. The 2018 NFL Draft is going to be one for the ages as we're going to likely see four quarterbacks go in the Top 10 for the first time in history. And with three trades involving first round picks already it's only…

JT’s Final NFL Mock Draft

April 25, 2018 JT Olson 0

The draft is nearly 24 hours away. No more talk, no more speculation. Here is my final NFL mock draft predicting the first 32 picks. 2018 Final NFL Mock Draft 1) Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold, USC, QB 2) New York Giants - Saquon Barkley, Penn St, RB 3) New York Jets - Baker Mayfield,…

Podcast | 2018 NFL Mock Draft

March 20, 2018 Brian Johannes 0

On this episode of the NFL Draft Geek Podcast, Brian Johannes highlights his latest round one 2018 NFL Mock Draft. Listen as Brian explains why he chose each pick and how that player fits with that team. 2018 NFL Mock Draft

Logan’s Final 2017 Mock Draft

April 26, 2017 Logan Fredrickson 1

Here is a look at how I think the 1st round could unfold. No trades predicted even though there will undoubtedly be several moves. Feel free to comment and tell me where I will be wrong. 1.  Cleveland Browns (1-15): OLB Myles Garrett Texas A&M 2.  San Francisco 49ers (2-14): DE Solomon Thomas Stanford 3 Chicago…