Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 NFL Draft Review


1st Round, Pick #5: Devin White LB LSU

2nd Round, Pick #7: Sean Bunting CB Central Michigan

3rd Round, Pick #39: Jamal Dean CB Auburn

3rd Round, Pick #99: Mike Edwards S Kentucky

4th Round, Pick #107: Anthony Nelson DE Iowa

5th Round, Pick #145: Matt Gay K Utah

6th Round, Pick #208: Scotty Miller WR Bowling Green

7th Round, Pick #215: Terry Beckner DL Missouri

Pick Analysis

In some ways I like what the Bucs did. They drafted four possible starters in White, Bunting, Nelson and Gay. Many of their picks are also high upside guys who’s best football could very well be ahead of them. On the other hand, I thought they got fairly poor value with most of their picks. I thought a lot of the guys they drafted could have been available later on and will need a bit of development. They also targeted positions early that don’t typically have great value where they took them, like a linebacker in the top five or a kicker in the fifth round. The Bucs got their guys and this may turn out to be a decent one down the line, but I find myself questioning their decisions here today.

Overall Grade: C

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