Terrell Lewis | Breaking out in 2019?

After serving as a backup during his freshman year there were high hopes for Lewis heading into the 2017 season but a torn ligament in his elbow during their week 1 game cost him 10 games. Lewis was able to come back during the Crimson Tide’s playoff run and help win a National Championship. Now going into his junior season Lewis was looking for a full season to showcase his skills, but tore his ACL training for the season. After missing the entire 2018 season Terrell Lewis is back at 100% and finally hoping he can put together a full season and showcase his skills for the NFL Draft. Here we’ll take a look at Lewis’ traits and what his NFL Draft outlook could be.

What Lewis Does Well

In limited action the thing that stands out is Lewis is a big fast athlete that flashes throughout the game. Using quickness and good acceleration Lewis is able to fly to the ball covering a lot of grass in each step. Against Georgia in the National Title Game back in the 2017 season Lewis was able to get a sack on Jake Fromm looping inside and then using that speed to close fast to get the sack. Even when he doesn’t get home his size and speed can make the quarterback get the ball out sooner than he wants to.

Concerns about Lewis

It’s no surprise that one of Lewis’ biggest concerns is that he isn’t a skilled player. Only playing in a handful of games because of injury he doesn’t have the same amount of reps both in practice and in games. This shows as he often struggles rushing the pass trying to win with athletic ability alone. Lewis didn’t use his hands much to try pass rushing moves other than using his right arm only to attack on bull rush attempts. This may be due to a torn elbow ligament he was coming back from. Lewis also isn’t an overly fluid athlete as he lacks loose hips that prevent him from making quick changes of directions and bending around the edge. This doesn’t mean that he can’t be a good pass rusher but it does limit his overall potential.

Terrell Lewis NFL Draft Outlook

The hype for Terrell Lewis is already starting as he has been included in some early 2020 Mock Drafts including going 10th overall in Todd McShay’s. But if Lewis wants to go that high in the real NFL Draft he has to show that that he can play a full year injury free along with showing more refinement as a pass rusher. That being said it would be hard to imagine a player with two season ending injuries going that high in the draft. Lewis would need a huge statistical year to help out and even that may not be enough. At this point Lewis has a ton of potential and somebody we’ll all be keeping an eye on in 2019.

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