Terry Godwin | Georgia’s Speed Receiver

Georgia’s explosive offense was fueled by the talents of running backs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb who both were taken in the top 40 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft. But with them gone along with Jake Frohm entering his second season as the starter the passing attack should only continue to improve. One reason why could be the play of senior receiver Terry Godwin whose skill set should allow him to be a big time playmaker. Here we take a look at three reasons why Terry Godwin is a player to watch in 2018.


Explosive Speed and Quickness

It is one thing to be quick but when you’re able to then blow by defenders with speed, it makes trying to contain Godwin a very tough task. In short areas and routes Godwin is able to quickly get into his routes or find open spaces making him an easy target for Jake Frohm to find. On deeper routes Godwin can get to top speed within a couple of steps allowing him to blow past defenders and get downfield.



A lot of times with smaller receivers is they don’t have big hands which means they have to make body catches on a regular basis. That isn’t the case with Godwin who shows the ability to make hands catches away from his body on a regular basis. On slants and in breaking routes he shows the ability to pluck the ball out of the air while running at top speed over the middle. Godwin also can also go up and catch balls at or above his head level. But based on his size the question that will always been around him is whether he can make contested catches at his size.


Route Running

Being a speed receiver Godwin has the luxury to not always have to be a precise route runner in college because he can just get to where he needs to be faster than the defender. That isn’t going to work on a consistent basis in the NFL, but luckily Godwin shows the ability to go in and out of routes using quickness and precision that gets him separation. Against Georgia in the National Title Game he was matched up with Minkah Fitzpatrick in the slot and he ran an in and out route where he broke down and sunk his hips before accelerating outside. While he didn’t get targeted, he had created a couple step separation underneath and was open. Press coverage can be tough at his size but he uses his quickness and burst well to get off jam by working one way and then breaking the other.


Terry Godwin’s Outlook

For a team who wants a speed receiver who can keep defenses honest while also providing a big play threat down the field will be intrigued by Terry Godwin. However he is much more than that as he shows the ability to run short routes and get open underneath with his route running and quickness. Whether it’s in the slot or outside he can give an offense some versatility to move around their receivers to get favorable match ups. At this point Godwin does have some starting traits and reminds me a lot of Jacksonville’s Keelan Cole. So on the right team Godwin can be a starter, but his ceiling seems to be a bit limited and his spot in the NFL could be more of a complimentary piece as a third or fourth receiver.

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