Greg Little NFL Draft Potential

Having to replace Leremy Tunsil was a no small feat but Greg Little was able to step in day one as a true freshman and help lock down the left tackle position ever since. In our latest #100DAys of NFL Draft prospects feature we take a look at his traits and look at the Greg Little NFL Draft Potential.

Greg Little NFL Draft Potential

At 6’6 325lbs and what looks to be long arms he has the makings of the ideal frame of an offensive tackle. On size and length alone, Little makes it tough for defenders to get around him. What makes Little unique is that despite his size he moves very well showing the ability to quickly get to the second level in the run game to seal off linebackers while in pass protection he’s able to get depth on deeper drops while also moving laterally. Now combining length and athletic ability and it’s a deadly combination for any pass rusher.

One great trait for Little in both the run game and in pass protection is that he plays with great leverage and knee bend and uses his aggressiveness to attack defenders. For as good that is, it can get him into trouble as Little tends to over extend and sometimes lung at defenders leaving himself off balance. Far too often Little puts himself into great initial position but because of balance issues he’s vulnerable to second moves which could expose him in the NFL. So far in college he’s been able to manage it, but NFL pass rushers would eat it up.

Balance is a tricky issue to fix, but if Little is able to continue his development and correct those issues he has the chance to be a very highly touted prospect whenever he enters the NFL Draft. Even potentially being a top 10 offensive tackle no matter who else is in his class.

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