Is There a Top-End Quarterback in the 2018 Draft?

Baker Mayfield” by Bobak Ha’Eri (CC BY-SA 3.0)

As the season comes to a close, focus now turns to the 2018 NFL draft. Many clubs will be looking to add a quarterback to their roster, but is there a genuine top-end talent in the 2018 draft class, or are these players worth passing over in favor of strengthening another area?

The four big names as far as quarterbacks go for the upcoming draft are Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Lamar Jackson. All four have been courted by teams in recent weeks, with Baker Mayfield especially having plenty of interest around him. The Denver Broncos showed a huge interest in Mayfield at the Senior Bowl, getting a good look at him before they have to make a decision on whether to draft him, or go down the free agency route when looking for a new offensive leader.

Whatever the Broncos and other teams do over the coming months is going to have a huge effect on how they go forward as a franchise. Should the Broncos go with Mayfield then they will need to give him time, but they also need to remember they have a great defense right now, and need to take advantage of that by winning a lot of football games. The bet365 NFL odds have the Broncos at +3300 for the 2018 Super Bowl and if they are to contend, then Mayfield needs to slot in and perform from the off. There are many franchises in the AFC with question marks hanging over them, including Denver, but if they can start well, and back a rookie quarterback, the Broncos could emerge as a legitimate challenger in their conference.

Another nice landing spot for a rookies quarterback would be in New York playing with the Giants. Both franchises would offer a great landing spot for any rookie, and a chance to make a mark early in their NFL career. In New York, there are few better to learn from than Eli Manning, and with the weight of a city behind them, their chosen quarterback could be the face of the city in a very short space of time.

Eli Manning” by Alexa (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Up in Denver, the Broncos have struggled since the retirement of Peyton Manning, and they are desperate to find a face for their franchise. They have tried plenty so far, but no one has been the right fit, something they will hope to find in the 2018 draft, and right now Baker Mayfield looks to be the favorite for the job.

Whoever comes out of the 2018 draft with a job as the starting quarterback next season will have both ups and downs as they adjust to the league. However, there is a lot of potential on both rosters, and the Broncos especially could find themselves challenging sooner rather than later if they pick up the right guy. Right now they think that guy is Baker Mayfield, but we will see who they take on draft night.

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