Trey Sermon | Oklahoma’s Next NFL Running Back

Heading into the 2018 season Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson had a strong following from those within the NFL Draft community. But early into his 2018 season Anderson suffered a broken leg that ended his season. Losing a top running back could cripple some teams offense, but the Sooners didn’t lose a step and a big reason for that was they had Trey Sermon waiting in the wings for his chance to be the lead back. Sermon wasn’t an unknown as he provided a one, two punch with Anderson the year before but now as the featured back he could really showcase his skill set. Now entering his junior season Trey Sermon himself is NFL Draft eligible. Here we’ll take a look at Sermon’s traits and how that may translate to the NFL.

What Sermon Does Well

With the ball in his hands Trey Sermon is a load to tackle showing tremendous balance and good power. Sermon attacks the line of scrimmage and is able to weave his way through traffic as he’s able to run through high tackle attempts while also bouncing and spinning off of body shots. Even when you think you have Sermon in your grasps he’s able to use his power to keep the pile moving and can get the tough yards. Sermon is also effective using short area burst to make sharp cuts and chance directions which allow him to run past defenders or even make them miss.

Concerns about Sermon

Blessed with size and power Sermon does enjoy some flashes of burst and is able to make some changes of direction but for the most part he is a straight line runner who really lacks explosiveness. Sermon reminds me a lot of former Sooner Samaje Perine in that he can be a good between the tackle runner but really is limited otherwise. Sermon isn’t slow and when attacking the line he can use that power to churn out the tough yards, but that’s about it.

Trey Sermon NFL Draft Outlook

Whenever Trey Sermon enters the NFL Draft he’ll have plenty of suitors but don’t expect his name to be called too early. As state earlier Trey Sermon compares a lot to Samaje Perine who was taken in the 4th round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Sermon is likely in that same boat of being an early day three pick to a team that wants to add a physical element to their rushing attack that could a compliment to more of a receiving or speed option or just to give them a change up. Sermon could have a long quality career, but I don’t foresee superstardom in his future.

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