Tua Tagovailoa NFL Draft Profile

The following is a Tua Tagovailoa NFL Draft Profile highlighting everything that you need to know about the Alabama quarterback. Listed below is his scouting report highlighting positives and concerns while looking at his NFL player comparison, projection while providing game clips and any other articles and information about him.

Tua Tagovailoa NFL Draft Profile

Height: 6’1 Weight: 218 School: Alabama


  • Able to use his eyes to manipulate the safety to help free up receivers
  • Willing to sit in the pocket and go through progressions
  • Shows the ability to anticipate receivers getting open and make throws before their breaks
  • Pin Point Accuracy on short to intermediate throws
  • Good ball placement that hits receivers in stride or allows them to go make a play.
  • Shows touch at all three levels
  • Has enough arm strength along with anticipation skills to make completions down the field.
  • Uses his agility to move around in the pocket to avoid pressure and complete throws.


  • Can he regain his lateral agility and quickness from hip dislocation?
  • Durability. Smaller frame along with two ankle and hip surgeries.
  • Above average arm strength means he needs to rely on timing and anticipation on deep balls.
  • Accuracy will dip when he doesn’t have his feet set or when he has pressure in his face.


Since being inserted into the second half of the 2018 National Championship Game Tua Tagovailoa has shown the traits of an elite level quarterback prospect. Tua is at his best when he’s able to sit in the pocket and use good accuracy and ball placement to put the ball where his receivers can make easy catches. While Tua lacks a cannon for an arm he makes up for it by having tremendous anticipation skills to be able to see receivers coming up and then using his touch to drop balls right into the lap of the receiver. While this is nice because Tua has to rely on anticipating to make deep passes it does cause him to under throw receivers who may already be open.

Along with his anticipation skills Tua does a good job of reading the defense being able to see his receivers get open but also shows the willingness to sit in the pocket and go through his progressions. Even if there is pressure Tua is able to use his lateral quickness to move within the pocket to elude defenders while keeping his eyes down the field.

Red Flag

Based solely on his skill set there is no doubt that Tua would be a top five pick. However he’s had to have ankle surgery on each of his ankles the past two seasons and then had his 2019 season end with a dislocated hip. From all accounts the surgery to repair his hip went well and he could do some throwing for teams before the draft. That being said there could be some teams who flunk him medically or teams could be scared off based on his injury issues and smaller stature.


A lot of Tua’s projection is based off whether or not he is healthy. If Tua is able to recover from his hip injury he looks like a surefire top 5 pick who could not only become a team’s franchise quarterback but he has the potential to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Look for him to be drafted in the top 5 with the Miami Dolphins or Los Angeles Chargers being the two logical landing spots.

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