Can Washington Huskies Trey Adams Bounce Back?

After tearing his ACL against Arizona State midway through the 2017 season and a back injury that cost him his entire 2018 regular season, Trey Adams is back at Washington for his final season looking to prove that not only is he 100% but one of the elite tackles in this class. Here we look at Washington Huskies Trey Adams traits and potential as he enters his final season in Washington.

Is Washington Huskies Trey Adams Elite?

It is very hard to miss Trey Adams on the football field as he stands 6’8 306lbs. Adams uses his size to his advantage as he’s able to overwhelm defenders in the run game leaning on defenders allowing him to move them off their spot. Despite not being able to get good leverage because of his height that doesn’t prevent Adams from using his hands well to grab a hold of defenders and steer them allowing him to seal them off as the running back goes by.

In pass protection Adams uses his agile footwork to slide to both sides and then uses his hands and length to keep the defenders off his body. If Adams is able to get his hands inside he can lock down a defender mirroring their movement. A concern for Adams is that he can struggle against thicker pass rushers who can get him a bit off balance with a bull rush. Adams also does give up some quarterback pressures with second moves after he initially stops the first attempt, especially if he can get his hands inside and grab a hold of the defender.

Trey Adams Potential

There is plenty of potential with Trey Adams that if he is able to add a little weight and/or strength to combat bigger defenders on their bull rush it could fill a big hole in his game. But with his size and agile footwork he has all the makings for a starting offensive tackle in the league. Trey Adams reminds me of Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker in that he is tall (both 6’8) but still able to move laterally well while using their length to cut off defenders. Adams may not end up being one of the elite tackles in the NFL, but as long as he stays healthy there is no doubt he can be a quality NFL starter.

Normally this means that he is going to be a first round pick, but with all the questions about his injuries it likely means he falls into the second ore even the third round. We did just see Jawaan Taylor who had top 10 talent fall to the early second round because teams didn’t feel he would get to his second contract. Adams likely will see the same result.

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