Week 14 Reverse NFL Power Rankings

1. Cleveland Browns (0-12)

With a bye week at least the Browns didn’t lose and still hold on to the top pick in the draft. With four decent teams remaining on their schedule the Browns quest to get the first overall pick looks like a sure thing. But I’m sure they could screw it up.


2. San Francisco 49ers (1-11)

Well so much for Kaepernick playing at a high level and instead he dropped an egg in Chicago and was benched for Blaine Gabbert. But on the bright side the 49ers aren’t going anywhere and continue to be in contention for the top pick in the draft. They just have to avoid beating the Jets or Rams to end the season.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10)

The Jaguars misery continued this week dropping a home game to the Broncos who were starting a struggling rookie quarterback. But really at this point that’s ok. Gus Bradley isn’t coming back next year and they continue to be picking in the top three. I can’t wait to see who the Jaguars hire for their next coach. Hopefully they don’t screw it up.


4. New York Jets (3-9)

We wonder why ratings are down in the NFL and having a game like Monday’s with the Jets looking like crap and it’s clear. While this roster isn’t great, you have to wonder if Todd Bowles is going to get some heat. My beat is they’ll have a new offensive coordinator.


5. Chicago Bears (3-9)

What were the Bears doing beating San Francisco this past weekend? In what could have been a great shot to move into at least the 3rd draft slot the Bears won the game and now could be in a position to miss out on drafting a quarterback. Some teams can’t even be good at being bad.


6. Los Angeles Rams (4-8)

After a nice performance in his second start it was a rude awakening for Jared Goff in Foxborough. And it won’t get any easier for Goff to finish the season playing Atlanta, Seattle and Arizona. It’s a trial by fire to hopefully get Goff up to speed for next year.


7. Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Is it me or do the Panthers season get worse and worse as the season goes forward. That wasn’t any clearer than their 40-7 beat down by the Seahawks that was never close. This year has really exposed the many holes they have on their roster.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1)

Don’t let the Bengals seven losses fool you, the Bengals have been much more competitive in all of their games. While that hasn’t translated much in the win column but it did when they dominated the Eagles on Sunday in route to a 32-14 win.


9. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

Since their 3-0 start the Eagles have been in a complete free fall. But is this really that surprising? This was a team that finished last year in the top ten, is starting a rookie at quarterback and really did nothing to improve the offense. Wentz is good, but they have to really get him some weapons.


10. San Diego Chargers (5-7)

It’s been a very frustrating season for the Chargers this year who seem to get some momentum before losing and then repeat. Injuries have been a story all year (and other teams too) but they need to fix some of their inconsistencies.


11. New Orleans Saints (5-7)

Losing the Lions at home really hurt this team as a win would have put them a game out of first place in the division. However not all is lost as the Saints still have both games remaining against the Bucs and a tilt with the Falcons to end the season.


12. Arizona Cardinals (5-6-1)

For the first time since week two, the Cardinals beat a team with a winning record knocking off a hot Redskins team.  It’s been a brutal 2016 after being a win away from the Super Bowl, but they have a manageable four game stretch that could allow them to sneak into the playoffs. But they’d need the team that played on Sunday to show up.


13. Tennessee Titans (6-6)

With Houston’s loss in Green Bay the Titans, Texans and Colts are in a three way tie for the South. Tennessee might have the best team of the three, but have the toughest road to get there with games against Denver and Kansas City in the next two weeks.


14. Indianapolis Colts (6-6)

The Colts were expected to beat the Jets, but nobody saw that beat down coming. Indianapolis has to hope they can ride this momentum forward as they can overtake the Texans next week in their matchup.


15. Green Bay Packers (6-6)

Sunday’s win keeps the Packers within striking distance of the Lions and keeps their playoff hopes still alive. But let’s wait to anoint the Packers as back. Neither the Eagles or Texans have the pieces to exploit the Packers weaknesses on coverage. I’m sure the Seahawks will be able to.


16. Minnesota Vikings (6-6)

They put up a fight and gave the Cowboys one of their toughest games of the season. However, that doesn’t mean anything because they lost their sixth game in the past seven weeks. Playing Jacksonville should be a nice get back game, but for the Vikings they can’t go in with that mentality.


17. Buffalo Bills (6-6)

Up 24-9 in the third quarter on the road against it looked like the Bills were going to leave Oakland with one of the best wins of the season. Instead they completely fall apart and lose yet another game. Is it the roster or the coaching staff? I guess that’s decision the team will have to make this offseason.


18. Washington Redskins (6-5-1)

Washington had all the momentum going for them as they won two straight games and took the Cowboys to the wire on Thanksgiving. Redskins fans have to hope their loss to the Cardinals was just a blip and they can get back into the playoff picture with Eagles, Panthers, and Bears coming up.


19. Miami Dolphins (7-5)

Not only did their six game winning streak get snapped but they got dominated by the Ravens losing by 32 points. If the Dolphins can get past a talented but struggling Cardinals team they have a great shot at finishing the season at 10-6 which could get them into the playoffs.


20. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)

After beating up on a couple of bottom feeders the Steelers had an impressive win over a Giants team that has been rolling lately. What is even better is that Pittsburgh got tight end Ladarius Green going which only made their offense deadlier.


21. Houston Texans (6-6)

Houston’s free fall continued on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field losing their third straight game. The Texans are still holding on to a playoff spot but it’s by the tips of their fingers.


22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)

With their win over the Chargers and the Falcons loss to the Chiefs the Bucs are now in a tie for the South Division lead. However they can’t get too comfortable with two games remaining with the Saints that could decide their fate in the division.


23. Baltimore Ravens (7-5)

Baltimore has feasted on crappy teams this season, so getting a win over a red hot Dolphins team is one of their two best wins on the season. But it’s next weekend’s game against the Patriots that should tell if the Ravens are one of the AFC’s elite or just a solid team.


24. New York Giants (8-4)

With their first loss in six games the Giants took a little step back. However they can’t afford to think too much about this game as they have the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and then face off against the North leading Lions before finishing with their division rival Redskins. It’s a tough way to end the season.


25. Atlanta Falcons (7-5)

When your offense scores 28 points on a good Chiefs defense you would hope that would be enough to get you’re the victory, but having Matt Ryan throw two interception returns that directly resulted in 8 points that doesn’t help. Luckily they draw the Rams and 49ers in back to back weeks that should be easy wins.


26. Detroit Lions (8-4)

While beating the Saints was big because it kept up their lead in the North it also had to feel good that they were able to hold an explosive Saints offense in the Super Dome to 13 points. They’ll need that defensive performance to continue as they finish out the season facing the Giants, Cowboys and Packers in consecutive weeks.


27. Denver Broncos (8-4)

Their ten-point win over in Jacksonville accomplishes a couple of things. They showed that they can continue to win tough games, the win puts them back into the playoffs and they found out that Paxton Lynch is not ready to start this year. Hopefully Trevor Siemian can stay healthy the remainder of the season.


28. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3)

Kansas City doesn’t have much time to celebrate a big win in Atlanta as they get to host the Raiders on Thursday night. This is a huge game as a win would give the Chiefs a share of the tough AFC West. But Oakland is at their best on the road so this will be an even tougher game.


29. Seattle Seahawks (8-3-1)

While the Seahawks enjoyed a big win over the Panthers it came at a cost losing safety Earl Thomas for the year. Seattle’s defense has many elite playmakers but as it was highlighted on SNF, their record drops if they are missing one of the three Legion of Boom members.


30. Oakland Raiders (10-2)

Derek Carr has been called clutch all season and with another come from behind performance like Sunday it’s hard not to believe it. With four straight touchdowns to end the game the Raiders continue winning as as of now will have home field advantage in the playoffs.


31. New England Patriots (10-2)

Sunday’s game against the Rams went exactly how everybody thought it would easily cruising past the Rams. However, their early season loss to Buffalo without Tom Brady could cost them home field advantage if they finish with the same record as Oakland.


32. Dallas Cowboys (11-1)

They’ve won in blowouts and they’ve won in close games. They’ve won running the ball and they’ve won with Dak Prescott making big time throws. Is this a team of destiny? I can’t wait to find out.

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