Why LJ Scott Compares to Le’Veon Bell and Why He Doesn’t

Coming out of Michigan State Le’Veon Bell was good but there were many who never would have guessed he’d have the impact that he’s had in the NFL. Michigan State has another running back in LJ Scott who is entering his senior year. While it may be lazy to compare Scott to Bell because they both go/went to Michigan State but is there merit to the comparison. Let’s look at why you can compare the two back and why they don’t at all.


What LJ Scott and Le’Veon Bell Have in Common

The obvious comparisons between Bell and Scott is that they played at Michigan State in a pro style scheme that has them lining up behind the quarterback. Both Bell and Scott also are bigger backs as Bell was 240lbs in college while Scott is only 230lbs he looks much bigger. While those two things are pretty minor another aspect that draws the two is that LJ Scott this past year was used more frequently split out as a receiver. Whether it’s motioning out or lining up their initially, Scott has experience running both short and intermediate routes. That’s something that Bell has been able to do in the NFL at a high level making him a match up nightmare.


What LJ Scott and Le’Veon Bell Don’t have in Common

While the two have a few small things that similar the two are different types of backs. Bell has developed his own unique style of being patient and then bursting through the line while Scott is at his best when he is decisive with his movements making that first read and going with it. When Scott does try to be patient he often can’t make the quick move to elude a defender or hit the hole. Bell is also can be elusive in the open field while Scott isn’t going to make anybody miss and tends to go down to early contact.


LJ Scott Outlook

The comparison to Le’Veon Bell (don’t know anybody honestly making this comparison) doesn’t really stand up but that doesn’t mean that Scott isn’t any good. Scott profiles best as a rotational back in a scheme that has him getting downhill quickly. The more lateral that Scott runs the more he’ll struggle. In a zone based scheme he can use his burst and the ability to make a lateral moves to hit the holes and pick up yardage. He’s never going to be a homerun hitter but he can sure get a lot of doubles. Look for Scott to be viewed a lot similar to how Royce Freeman was coming out of Oregon. But Freeman was tougher to tackle than Scott is.

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